Call for Contributors

Parked is looking for people who can write about the cultures, communities, commerce, media and politics of disc golf. Got an idea for closing the gender gap in participation or encouraging more Black, Indigenous and people of color to join the community? How about an opinion on running tournaments, designing courses, organizing leagues or developing clubs? Do you have thoughts about the demographics of disc golf, why people play it, or how it affects surrounding communities and the environment? Can you write about the personal or social benefits of playing? Know some disc golf history? Got a photo essay? If you have ideas that disc golfers might find insightful, we want to hear from you.

Submissions may vary in length (400 to 1,000 words) and cover almost any topic, except tournament coverage and product reviews. Thanks to a PDGA Innovation Grant, we have funding to pay contributors. If you would like to write for Parked, please send submissions to Josh Woods at Feel free to contact Josh with questions, or send him a brief outline of your ideas if you would like feedback prior to writing and submitting your article.