Do a Good Deed for Disc Golf

Help Bring a Disc Golf Course to the Gorgeous Coopers Rock State Forest in West Virginia

By Nick Buysse, Greg Hackett and Josh Woods ~

Cover art
The look out at Coopers Rock State Forest, WV (Photo Jesse Wright)

Here are three ways to help:

1) Attend the public tour at Coopers Rock State Forest on March 2, 2019 at 10 am. The tour involves a short walk in the woods where the proposed disc golf course may be located. The more people who attend the event and voice their support, the better our chances of gaining permission to build the course. Please write a short email to Mr. Travis Miller at and let him know that you will be attending the walk through.

For driving directions and further instructions, see the public notice below.

Public Notice

2) If you are not available for the walk through on March 2, please write an email to Mr. Miller anyway ( Let him know that you support the project but cannot attend the event.

Here’s a letter template:


Dear Mr. Travis Miller,

I am a member of the [INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR DISC GOLF CLUB AND/OR CREDENTIALS]. Although I cannot attend the public walk through on March 2, I am writing to let you know that I fully support a new disc golf course being installed at Coopers Rock State Forest.





  • I am enthusiastic about the project.
  • A disc golf course at Coopers Rock would increase my visitation to the park.
  • I would volunteer my time to build and maintain a disc golf course at Coopers Rock.
  • I would help raise funding for the construction of the course.
  • I do not live near Coopers Rock, but I would be more likely to visit if the park featured a disc golf course.


3) Please post the link to this article on your social media.

It takes a community to grow the sport of disc golf. Here’s a chance for you to help strengthen our community.

Thank you for helping us.

Nick, Greg and Josh

Members of the Morgantown Mountain Goats Disc Golf Club


One thought on “Do a Good Deed for Disc Golf

  1. Thanks Adam! Coopers Rock is one of my favorite places in the Morgantown area, and having a disc golf course there would be awesome. And food trucks? Wow, that sounds great!


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