UDisc Blog “Release Point” Doesn’t Disappoint

By Josh Woods ~

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UDisc launched its blog Release Point in summer 2018 and began publishing articles regularly just two months ago. Drawing on unique data from UDisc app users and offering compelling commentary, Release Point is providing new insight on disc golf courses, communities and culture.

In their latest article, “Top Disc Golf Cities,” the UDisc staff wrote about the 50 best disc golf cities in the United States. Read the article here.

From my vantage, some of the statistical tidbits in this data-rich piece deserve more attention. Here are the ten most interesting takeaways from the article:

1) With eight cities in the UDisc top 50, Michigan wins the state-level, disc golf mecca contest.

2) In second place, Pennsylvania has seven cities in the UDisc top 50. Pittsburgh is not one of them. Wait … what?

3) California, the birthplace of disc golf, has only one city in the UDisc top 50. Urbanization and disc golf clearly do not mix.

4) Tying NC for third place, Ohio is the hidden jewel of disc golf land.

5) What happened to Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Oregon? As discussed in a previous article, these states are disc golf powerhouses based on the number of courses, events and PDGA memberships per capita, but each has only one city in the UDisc top 50.

6) Only 23 states have cities in the UDisc top 50. America’s vast regional differences in disc golf activity are baffling and fascinating.

7) A city that few Americans can point to on a map—Lewiston/Auburn, Maine—is the #1 disc golf city in the United States.

8) Disc golfers tend to rate pay-to-play courses higher than the typical public course.

9) Pay-to-play courses are preferred over public courses due in part to a placebo effect. That is, paying to play creates an expectation of quality, which skews judgement. (I’d love to see the Disc Golf Debate Group take this one on).

10) To support the claim above, the UDisc staff cited a peer-reviewed academic article, and thereby passed Parked’s disc-golf-nerd test with distinction.

Stay curious, UDisc. I like where you’re headed.


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One thought on “UDisc Blog “Release Point” Doesn’t Disappoint

  1. I think it should be pointed out that UDisc course ratings are not objective, nor done by the same folks from course to course. On the other hand, you can learn quite a bit from it, keeping those limitations in mind.


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