2018 PDGA Women’s Global Event

By Valarie Jenkins ~

Cover Photo
Players in the West Virginia Cup at the Seth Burton Memorial (SBM) course in Fairmont, WV. The NCWV Women’s Disc Golf Club will help organize West Virginia’s first PDGA Women’s Global Event at SBM on May 12. Photo by Jesse Wright.

Every other year sparks fly as women from all over the world meet up and play two rounds of disc golf.

The PDGA Women’s Global Event is a series of satellite tournaments hosted in several different countries. The fourth edition of the event will be played on May 12, 2018.

All participants play two rounds of 18 holes during their tournament, and each round score is rated with the PDGA system. The two round ratings are added together to create the player’s “Global Score” which is then compared to all other WGE participants in the same division across numerous locations.

The top three finishers in each division of the overall WGE are eligible to win prizes provided by Zuca Disc Golf Carts, Grip Equipment, KEEN Footwear, DiscMania and Disc Diva.

Why Play in the WGE?

I hear the excuse every year, “I’m not good enough to play a tournament.” And we understand, the word “tournament” may sound intimidating. But that’s why the PDGA Women’s Committee chose to call it an “event.”

We created the WGE as an introductory tournament for women of all skill levels and age groups. There really is a division for everyone.

Many women find that traveling to large tournaments is difficult, so they never learn how they stack up against a wide field of competitors. The world-wide aspect of the WGE solves this problem in a big way. Knowing that you are playing in your local tournament on your local course while competing against women from across the globe is exciting, fascinating and inspiring.

These women’s events are also a great way to make new friends. It’s easy to meet people when you spend roughly three hours grouped on a card with players you may have never met before. Disc golfers typically share a common interest in nature, traveling and socializing.

If you’re willing to take on the adventure, you may build relationships that will last a lifetime, and help promote women in sports.

All players will receive access to our Virtual Player’s Pack website, which will include coupons and discounts exclusive to WGE competitors. Deals will feature WGE branded merchandise, including special edition discs and apparel, disc golf baskets, disc golf gloves, and even top-of-the-line sunglasses.

Why Run a WGE?

Looking for a way to get more women to play disc golf in your area? The WGE could be the solution.

The WGE was created as an easy way to encourage more tournament directors to organize and run a women’s tournament. The PDGA Women’s Committee hosts the event and we are passionate about encouraging more women and girls to play.

If you have any questions on how to start your own WGE this year, please visit www.pdga.com/wge or contact us at wge@pdga.com. We have seen many women’s events start up and continue to run every year. This is the key to retaining women in disc golf.

This year, we are challenging you to invite the women and girls in your life to play in your local PDGA Women’s Global Event. We are striving to make each year better than the last, and we can’t do it without the help of our fellow disc golf lovers. Please visit our website (www.pdga.com/wge) for more information.

Come out and play! The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner.


We’d like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the PDGA Women’s Global Event at the highest Sponsorship Level possible: The Professional Disc Golf Association, Innova, Discraft, MVP, DGA, and Flyin Colors Disc Golf.


Valarie Jenkins

Valarie Jenkins #17495 is a 4x Professional Disc Golf World Champion and enjoys volunteering for the PDGA as the Chair of the PDGA Women’s Committee, since 2011. Valarie’s mission is to encourage more women to play, and through executing projects created by the Women’s Committee, the women’s divisions are growing exponentially each year.



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