Final Round of 2016, Photos by Jesse Wright

Jesse Wright is many things. A native South African, a news man, a teacher, a husband, a father, a photographer, a backhand-dominant slinger of plastic with a solid putt.

Running through these sundry occupations is Jesse’s remarkable aptitude for storytelling. Whether he’s editing a radio program or taking photographs, he’s telling a compelling narrative. With a laid back demeanor and unending curiosity, he is always ready to notice things, to find the extraordinary in everyday events, to capture a moment, reveal a plot that even its subjects cannot fathom.

On the edge of 2017, among the hills of Dorsey’s Knob, Jesse Wright told a great story about everyday disc golfers. It was just another day on the disc golf course for four members of the Morgantown Mountain Goats, but Jesse found something interesting in us, in the land, in the sky.

You can learn more about Jesse at WV Broadcasting, where I found the head shot above. Mike Homer took the other photo of him. Each of the photos below was taken by Jesse Wright on December 30, 2016 at Dorsey’s Knob disc golf course in Morgantown, West Virginia. Thanks Jesse.


Hole 1: Mike ends up in jail off the first tee.


Hole 2: The sky records the only birdie on the card.


Hole 3: McD lands his first modeling job with North Face.


Hole 4: Kevin will never be this young again. And neither will anyone else.


Hole 5: Zan congratulates Jayna on her incredible drive.


Hole 6: McD loses both arms in a horrific fishing accident. North Face rescinds his contract.


Hole 7: Josh gets a little help from his friends.


Hole 8: Mike chips away at Josh’s two-stroke lead.


Hole 9: Tired of chasing Josh, Mike joins the Morgantown Ballet Company.


Hole 10: Mike putts from just outside the circle.


Hole 11: The sky takes the lead.


Hole 12: Mike makes this putt. Makes it. Horses grow horns, pigs fly.


Hole 13: Kevin opts for spike-hyzer route for this twenty-foot putt.


Hole 14: Inspired by R. Kelly, Mike believes he can fly.


Hole 15: Josh commits courtesy violation (PDGA 3.4 Dress Code).


Hole 16: Absent from the set of Kung Fu for decades, Kwai Chang Caine is seen walking across empty field.


Hole 17: Goats miss, sky makes.

Hole 18: Risky surgery reunites McD with arms.


2016 is finally over. There is great rejoicing.

Happy new year disc golfers.


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