’Tis the Season for Disc Golf Craziness and Embarrassment: The Stokely Contest

Would you like to watch a disc golf legend take a trip to the grocery store in a pink leotard, cowboy boots, and a pirate eye patch? Or what about a snowy toboggin ride in whitey tighties? Shave his eyebrows? Get a Captain Caveman tattoo?

These are just a few of the ideas that 100 lucky participants may be pondering thanks to a charity contest dreamed up by bizarre-idea man and disc-golf great Scott Stokely. His contest reads as follows on his Facebook page:

“CONTEST: I will do the craziest or most embarrassing thing you guys can think of and post a video of it on my Facebook page on Christmas morning.

RULES: 100 people must commit to doing some volunteer work between now and Christmas. Only those 100 people who agree to do this can help come up with and vote for whatever I will have to do. You can try volunteering for something new or if you are already volunteering somewhere that counts as well. Post a reply below (and what number you are) and what you are going to do. As soon as 100 people post we can start discussing what I have to do.”

He also posted a video:

All great sports communities promote charities and volunteering efforts of some kind. One of the things I love about disc golf is the creativity of these efforts, and the sport’s insistence on making the world a better place while having fun doing it.

So, get in the holiday spirit and help torture one of disc golf’s best and most charitable athletes.

If you’re already connected to Stokely on Facebook, you can sign up for the contest now. Otherwise, you can try contacting Stokely via Facebook. Stokely has also given me permission to add your name and volunteering promise to his Facebook page if you’d like to comment below or email me.


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Photo credits: The Sentinel, PDGA, Disc Golf Addiction, Stokely Facebook page

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